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Everett Bailey

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Pandmeonium classic Unity edition is a survival arena game where a group of girls find themselves in a manor and have to try and escape before they get TFed by the monsters that show up. It's basically an FPS where you run around the mansion trying to find weapons and ways to escape before the monsters TF you. The game doesn't end when you get TFed, you just play as a monster trying to TF the other humans. Except for the other Pandemonium games nobody else does this. There are 80+ kinds of monsters each with their own TF sequence and style of gameplay as them. Also in it's favor is that you can modify just about every setting in the game which lets you make your own sandbox of fun. Beyond even that the author has opened up the game for mod support and made the source code available.

Download Monster Survival Hit Run Mod signed apk

Some people who have tried the mod accused me of "stealing assets" from Brutal Doom. While it's not a mystery this mod is based on BD's fundamental structure (I'm even on good terms with Mark, he's credited and I got all his permissions), I thought it was obvious that this was a long-term project with lots of ambition, and that the BD assets will be eventually reduced to just the essentials, while everything else will get replaced. But I guess I was wrong. Because of this, I'm delaying the next release in here for when I can show you a fully revamped arsenal, which apparently is what catches most people's attention. Even though replacing weapons is not the main goal of this mod (which is actually creating a highly customizable survival gameplay experience) we'll do it, both because we want this mod to be unique, and because it's necessary. Not only that: after 0.6 will be release, there will still be TONS of work to do, like improving the enviroment, immersion aspects,the HUD, monsters and so on. But for the time being, a fully renewed arsenal will do. So I ask you to wait a few more months, and I can promise you won't be disappointed. 041b061a72


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