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Everett Bailey
Everett Bailey

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The General Accounting Office audit involved a number of government agencies but focused on the Air Force. To support this audit, the Air Force initiated a systematic search of current Air Force offices as well as numerous archives and records centers which might help explain the incident. Air Force officials also interviewed a number of persons who may have had knowledge of the events. Prior to the interviews, Secretary Widnall released those persons from any previous security obligations that may have restricted their statements.

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James Bailey - Men's Basketball - Class of 1993James Bailey is number three on the Rutgers all-time scoring list (2,034), and just behind Phil Sellers in rebounding (1,047). The 6-9 Bailey was the freshman center on the 1975-76 Final Four team and went on to capture All-America honors from UPI and The Sporting News in 1978. Bailey, whose number 20 was retired in 1992, played nine NBA seasons with the Seattle Supersonics, New Jersey Nets, Houston Rockets, New York Knicks and Phoenix Suns. Known as "Jammin' James," he was the recipient of the prestigious Coursen Award and the Widmer Trophy.

Tom Young - Coach, Men's Basketball - Class of 1996Tom Young, the winningest coach in Rutgers men's basketball history (.671), presided over the greatest era in Scarlet Knight basketball history. From 1973-1985, his teams won 239 games and lost just 117. The pinnacle of his career was the 1975-76 season when the Scarlet Knights raced out to a perfect 26-0 regular season, eventually going 31-0 and reaching the Final Four. The final record of 31-2 is the best in RU history. He was the 1975-76 UPI National Coach of the Year. He led Rutgers to four NCAA Tournament and five NIT's. His 1978-79 team reached the round of 16 in the NCAA Tournament and his 1977-78 team reached the Final Four of the NIT at New York's Madison Square Garden. He coached eight All-Americans at Rutgers and recruited seven of them. Twelve of his players, including 11 that he recruited, were drafted by the NBA. He coached 10 of Rutgers' top 11 all-time scorers and 15 of the top 50. Young was especially noted for teaching the center position as he helped groom the All-American careers of RU Hall of Famers James Bailey and Roy Hinson.


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