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Everett Bailey
Everett Bailey

R15 Invisibility Script [WORK]

Hi, so I'm trying to make something that allows someone to have an r6 hitbox, while keeping their R15 appearance and animations. To do this, I've made their character R6, made them invisible, made a copy of what their actual R15 character should look like, welded their root parts together, and put the R15 rig inside of their character (as a child), and finally I modified the animation script so it would play the animations on the fake r15 character instead. The modified animation script is too long to post here, but the server-side script isn't too long.

R15 Invisibility Script

Nobody else will likely see this, but I might aswell answer my question. I've found out that inorder for an animation to be displayed, an animator must be inside of the humanoid. If a script tries to load an animation without it, it creates one inside of the humanoid. It should be well known that if a local script tries to create this animator, it won't be replicated to the server and therefore there won't be an animation displayed to other players. The solution is to create an animator from the server before trying to animate from the client. 041b061a72


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