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Everett Bailey
Everett Bailey

[S6E18] Knockout

Flash back to 1972, when Jack (Milo Ventimiglia, sans facial hair) had just returned to Vietnam and was hustling around town doing odd jobs to build for his future. Jack is fixing the 1967 Chevelle Super Sport (hmm, that car looks familiar) that belongs to a nice lady named Mrs. Peabody (Debra Mooney). And speaking of fixing, Mrs. Peabody would like to fix up Jack with her best friend's granddaughter, who, she assures, is "the sweetest thing" and a "total knockout."

[S6E18] Knockout

Not Tomorrow Yet is the next full speed ahead episode of The Walking Dead. With a cold open focused on Carol, we knew it would be a knockout episode, and she finally gets some sugar! But then, in the end, she gets kidnapped. Bummer. But we all know that Rick and the gang will do anything and everything to get Carol and Maggie back into their safe and loving arms. Only a few days left until we find out how they will do just that, but will it be that simple? Who will be the next beloved character to leave the show? Will it be your favorite? Will it be mine? Do I have just one?? The suspense is almost killing me! 041b061a72


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