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[S5E8] Sweet Thing 2021

One thing PBS must be commended on this year is sticking with ITV's original format (more or less) regarding its Downton Abbey broadcasts. Though technically next week's episode will be the season finale (which aired of course as a Christmas Special in England), "Season 5, Episode 8" set it all up perfectly, while also being satisfying in its own way.

[S5E8] Sweet Thing

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Let's start with the episode's best moments: Branson is getting a very nice send-off from the estate and the show, as he is cherished and appreciated in turn. He shared some very sweet moments with Mary and with Edith in "Season 5, Episode 8," but the truth is, aside from getting involved with that troll, and doing a little business regarding housing, he doesn't really serve much of a purpose. It's a rare situation where both viewers and the character can sense that it would be better to move on, even though he will be missed.

The continued flirtations between Molesley and Baxter remind me of early Anna and Bates, before that train derailed. It's sweet, and subtle (for Downton), and I applaud the time the show is taking with it (even though Molesley has gone from bumbling fool to part of the intelligentsia in a matter of weeks). The same is true with the easy rapport Carson and Mrs. Hughes have together, and that lovely relationship between Carson and Mary. Only two people have ever really known the person of Mary -- Carson and Matthew (Anna mostly stays out of it). They see the good in her, and also know of her sorrows in a very clear way. Carson's comments about Tony not being good enough for Mary were also very sharp.

In the neutral zone, per usual, we have Atticus and Rose's whirlwind relationship. How long did that engagement last, a day? And everyone was perfectly fine with a registry office wedding? Maybe it just shows how little thought most of the characters give to Rose at all that no one really cared one way or the other how things went down. Yet why was Lady Sinderby so insistent on this wedding, anyway? The only thing interesting about the entire affair was seeing how Rose's truly awful mother Susan would misbehave next.

Less convincing than all of this, though, is the Prince hounding after Violet. I have no problem with geriatric love affairs, and I think plenty of shows (on PBS, no less) do them really well. But the whole thing has really just been Violet thinking of a time when she had a crush, and the Prince ready to move in while he's still married. And besides telling the Dowager at every opportunity how much he wants to make love to her until they die, he hasn't really shown much depth of personality. He is your Tony Gillingham, Violet -- use him and discard him.

On to the very worst: the incarceration of Anna. As if it wasn't enough to have to suffer through the whole Did Bates Kill Vera? trial and jail time and possible hanging for way, way too long, this year had the Did Bates Kill Mr. Green? subplot that also dragged on and created more distance between and heartache for the Bateses. Then an even worse twist: Did Anna Kill Mr. Green? Probably not, but just what the heck regarding all of this. If anyone should move away from the house and not return at this point it's Anna and John Bates. From the best thing about Downton to the absolute worst, these two -- and viewers! -- have suffered enough. When Anna is released, they should really move to America with Branson, for everyone's sake.

To end on a positive note, though, I want to give a moment to Robert, our Earl of Grantham. He's made huge leaps as a character this year, aside from his treatment of Cora during the Bricker incident (and I do not blame him at all for what happened with the troll at the dinner table). He's selling off land and heirlooms for good reasons, being gracious to Branson, picking up on the fact that Marigold is Edith's child (whom he shall love), going with the flow of progress, and doing a really sweet thing all on his own for Mrs. Patmore regarding Archie having a memorial marker.

They were able to put aside their differences and remember that their love is stronger than anything. Blake learned to appreciate what he had when he helped Alexis rescue Dex. The whole Appalachain mountains rescue mission was pretty far-fetched, but it was one of the rare moments where we saw Blake and Alexis work together as a team and acknowledge that despite everything, they are family. It was sweet.

The whole reason behind the auction was charity as Fallon needed to triple donations for Heroic Hooves so that she could get rid of Mandy once and for all and establish a newer process for how things are done.

If Station 19 Season 5 Episode 8 wasn't anything else, it was an emotional rollercoaster. You didn't realize how much we needed a win until we spent most of the hour holding our breaths and hoping that Terrence would survive and the sweet, devoted husband and father would survive to spend Christmas with his family.

Accountability is a hell of a thing. Andy was overdue to mention how she sought to repeat the same cycle of her parents' marriage with her relationships in the past and with Sullivan. While it felt like she talked herself back out of that fact by the end of the discussion, it felt like some progress for her.

Andy told him about the divorce papers and how she finally took them out of the freezer. We still don't know where their future stands, as it feels like they say some things, but their chemistry implies something else. But for now, it feels like the cold war between them thawed, and they're at a ceasefire.

Dean's death only exacerbates that, especially now that she's facing that Miller was in love with her until the day he died. It's bringing up so many things about what might have been, and as much as she claims she wasn't in love with Dean, she keeps bringing all of this up.

And he's trying to be sensitive to Vic's feelings, but she's not giving him anything to work with here. He had every right to ask her point-blank if she wanted to break things off with him. She kept bringing up that she'd understand if he didn't want to be with her anymore because of her grief and the thing with Jack.

Vic spirals when she's grieving, and the hour was evidence of it. Things were incredibly awkward between her and Jack, but most of it fell on her, who couldn't check back into the job and do things as she should have. It was her first day off of desk duty, and it didn't seem like she was ready.

It's the one thing Jack to cling to that reminds him of his brother, so there's no way in hell he wants anyone, including Vic, screwing that program up when it took so much blood, sweat, and tears to get it off the ground in the first place.

The turning point in her relationship with Theo is interesting, and while there was no direct answer on how they left things, it wouldn't be a surprise if they couldn't salvage their relationship. Vic isn't in the best place for a serious relationship right now, which leaves her in an intriguing position.

And Carina and Maya are the It couple of this series, and nobody else can compete. They're just so freaking happy together; it's infectious. Their scenes leave you beaming long with them, and when everything has been so emotional this season, it's a relief that we have this slice of happiness with these two.

Every and now and then, you get so emotionally invested in a call it makes your stomach twist and knots. Terrence was one of those cases. He was funny, kind, and sweet. All you wanted was for this man to survive and make it back to his family.

Upon learning that Terrence died, his reaction was enough to tear the viewer. It was so much that tied into that particular case and Terrence, and after everything they've gone through over the months, they simply needed that win.

She was the one Beckett talked to when they needed to get the okay to implement the PRT. And she's supposed to drop by and check things out soon. But as of now, she's a virtual unknown, and those never bode well.

The sweetness is traded for swelling, sinister music in the next scene, where Jamie's (Wes Bentley) confidently strolling the halls of the capitol building. The attorney general's on his way to an emergency meeting of the assembly, where he addresses the legislature and senate. He calls out his father for costing the state billions of dollars and thousands of jobs by canceling the airport project's funding. He proposes a senate tribunal seeking impeachment.

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They administer the potion and immediately Penny gets possessed. Back in Fillory, Eliot and Seb are almost ready to counteract the sleeping pollen. Margo intentionally taught Seb the spell incorrectly, so that she (as Eliot) would have to get closer to him, thereby drawing things out a bit. She is clearly getting to Seb, as he keeps trying to distance himself. Her plan is working flawlessly to drag things out, but Charlton suggests a more personal approach.

Penny reveals that two powerful people want that World Seed page and the big question looms. What was Quentin doing with it? That question remains unanswered as we shift back to Margo and Eliot, who discuss their mutual misfortune and pain. I am glad to see Margo reiterate that Eliot is deserving of love and that one day he really will find it. I just wish that was something we would actually see on screen for once.

In a sweet nod to Young Rip (Kyle Red Silverstein) and Young Beth's (Kylie Rogers) first date, shown in the season-five premiere, the latest episode showed Carter land a date with a young girl who seems just as free-spirited and strongheaded as Beth.

Angela and Cam discover that the wounds on the victim's hand could be made by something hard, shaped like a nose. And Brennan gives Hank a special pill box so that he can keep track of what pills he's already taken and which ones he still needs to take. Hank asks where they're going and Booth hesitates, trying to avoid using the word "fat", but Hank points out that Booth's grandma was a big, beautiful woman. Brennan points out that obese people were the ideal of beauty in past history. Hank is impressed by Brennan's depth of knowledge and tells her that she should go on a game show. Brennan doesn't need to win anything since she's already earned a lot of money from her novels. Hank ponders why Brennan and Booth seem to be just friends. 041b061a72


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