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Sebastian Turner
Sebastian Turner


NOTE: Trailer has small ding on the last sheet on the drivers side skin sheet. Price reflects condition discount. Approved Sale Price HD Coupler Lock Required On The Lot 2023 Model Year configuration and pricing. 7 Wide 82 inch. American made Dexter axles. Black Exterior Color (per linear trailer foot). Sand Pad for Jack. LED Tail and Clearance Light Package. Upgrade to 3/8 Walls, Single Stab Jack, Upgrade to 15 inch Tires. Light Duty Ramp for Victory Trailers 2,500 lbs. capacity. Trailer: 123935


W. Zheng, University of Michigan; J. Vinko, University of Szeged; G. H. Marion, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics; R. Quimby, IPMU, University of Tokyo; N. Whallon, A. Romadan, N. Wagner, and C. Akerlof, University of Michigan; F. Yuan, Australian National University; and J. C. Wheeler and E. Chatzopoulos, University of Texas, on behalf of the ROTSE collaboration, report the discovery of a new supernova (mag about 16.5) in unfiltered images taken on Jan. 14.37 UT with the 0.45-m ROTSE-IIIb telescope at McDonald Observatory. The transient was observed again at mag about 16.0 on Jan. 15.37 and 18.37, with no detection before Jan. 7 down to a limiting magnitude of about 18.2. The new object is located at R.A. = 12h39m35s.1, Decl. = +16o35'11".9 (equinox 2000.0; uncertainty about 1"), which is 10".7 west and 4".3 south of the proposed host galaxy (SDSS J123935.85+163516.1, whose SDSS redshift is z = 0.026); a finding chart is posted at website URL +163512/ROTSE3_J123935.1+163512.jpg. 041b061a72


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