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Download __HOT__ Complications Des Extractions Dentaires Pdf

Conti in an editorial mentioned that there is no need to stop aspirin prior to invasive surgical procedure if bleeding time is within normal limit [35]. Little et al. suggested that aspirin affected platelets did not cause significant bleeding complications unless the bleeding time is greater than 20 minutes [33]. Similarly, Sonksen et al. [31] and Gaspar et al. [45] claimed that there is no significant intraoperative and postoperative bleeding after dental extractions as long as prolongation in bleeding time remains within acceptable limit (bleeding time up to 20 minutes).

Download Complications des extractions dentaires pdf

Matocha stated that risk of bleeding after dental extractions is rare in patients on low-dose aspirin therapy. The incidence of postextraction bleeding complications, including other risk factors, does not exceed 0.2 to 2.3% [53].

Napeñas et al. conducted a retrospective analysis to evaluate the risk of bleeding complications in patients on single or dual antiplatelet therapy undergoing invasive oral surgical procedures including dental extractions. They concluded that risk of stopping antiplatelet therapy and predisposing the patient to thromboembolic events far overweighed the negligible risk of bleeding from dental procedures [55].

Cardiac patients on aspirin therapy may require extractions for their diseased teeth. It is a common practice among physicians and treating surgeons to stop aspirin prior to tooth extraction because of fear of bleeding complications. This practice often predisposes the patient to adverse thromboembolic events. This practice is based on theoretical risk of bleeding and on isolated case reports of excessive bleeding with aspirin therapy. The current consensus and recommendations are in favor of continuing aspirin therapy during simple tooth extraction as the bleeding complication incidence is very less and if it occurs can be controlled efficiently with local hemostasis measures. 041b061a72


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