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Sebastian Turner
Sebastian Turner

Lloyd Banks - Hands Up (Closed Captioned) Ft. 50 Cent

But this campaign, admirable as it was in scope and execution, failed inits larger purpose of reaching the great mass of the people. While morethan 1,000,000 workers participated in the loan their holdings reallycomprised but a small percentage of the immense total. The bulk of thebuying was by banks, corporations, trustees, and wealthy individuals.The message, therefore, of permanent thrift combined with a more orless[Pg 130] continuous investment opportunity for every man still had to bedelivered. All the while the Empire hungered for money as well as formen.

Lloyd Banks - Hands Up (Closed Captioned) ft. 50 Cent

On account of the difficulty in shipping bonds and the preponderance ofpro-Ally sentiment here, there has been a comparatively small market forGerman and Austrian war issues in the United States. Yet, in the face ofthese handicaps, a considerable market has developed. It is due to twodefinite reasons. One is the desire of the native born and transplantedTeuton to help his country. Many of them appear at the German banks withtheir savings books eager and ready to make financial sacrifice for theFatherland. The other reason is that the German mark has so greatlydepreciated (it has gone down from 23.82 cents to 17.65 cents) thatshould it ever come back to anything like normal and the Gov[Pg 191]ernmentdoes not repudiate its issues the investment will be very profitable. 041b061a72


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