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Everett Bailey
Everett Bailey

Unlimited Rings Skyrim Special Edition

As far we know we all have 2 mods out there unlimited rings and amulets i was checking it out them and was disappointed with it had too many bugs and mistakes encountered sow i decided to make my own mod and combine both in one also made it from scratch without game breaking side-effects like it was with those mods ...What is purpose of this mo

Unlimited Rings Skyrim Special Edition

If you haven't done so already, give the follower all five Amulets of Talos, then equip them straight from their inventory. The glitch means that you can wear multiple rings or necklaces at once, even when the transformation has worn off. This glitch isn't limited to Amulets of Talos either, and can be done with any Magicka reducing jewelry as well to have unlimited Destruction spells by performing the same glitch.

Rings of power brings a collection of 65 rings, each with a powerful enchantment. Some of them will boost your skills or powers, but others will completely break the game and let you have all sorts of fun. One ring, for example, boosts your stamina and health regeneration by 1000%, making you unkillable. There are all sorts of custom enchantments with previously unseen effects too like the ring of firestorm, a ring of slow time and much more. You can, of course, dismantle the items to learn their enchantments to apply them to any weapon or armor piece of your choice. Combine with unlimited enchantments for the best, stupidly fun effect.


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