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Elle Varner Perfectly Imperfect Zip

on september 16th, 2011, r&b singer elle varner released her debut single, perfectly imperfect. the song is a soulful r&b/pop song that shows off varner's talents on vocals and production. the song has several r&b/pop riffs that showcase varner's excellent vocal ability. the song is filled with excellent hooks and production that gets the listener involved.

Elle Varner Perfectly Imperfect Zip


perfectly imperfect is a song with a warm, positive theme that is inspired by a relationship that is no longer going on well. the song is filled with a rhythmic groove and great production that really keeps you moving. i listen to this song all day long, anytime i get in the car, it gets me going. the song reminds me of a fresh fall day, with a lot of sunshine and crisp air. elle has a wide, wonderful vocal range that helps her to project some energy and presence, and her passion shines through. she sings the song in a way that makes you feel like you are not in the room with her, you are in the room with her. as a vocalist, she is passionate and soulful, and she shows it in her singing.

elle varner has great vocal range and a pretty wide vocal range, her abilities are more on the vocal side than the musical side. there are some great bass lines, some excellent drumming, and some good keys. the song is a nice blend of pop and soul, so it is one of those rare songs that i listen to and hear something different every time i listen to it. elle is a good writer with a wide vocal range. she has a soft, soulful vocal that is pleasant, but also a dynamic, powerful voice. the song is very catchy. the song is not too difficult for a beginner to learn, and it is very simple, but it is very catchy.


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