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ben barnes, who has played the role of james "jimmy" thorpe in the dc comics series the boys and smallville on the cw, was in final talks to play the young version of tony stark / iron man in captain america: the first avenger and captain america: the winter soldier. however, the role went to james rhodes, played by don cheadle, instead.

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tom holland, who had played spider-man in the amazing spider-man and captain america: the winter soldier, auditioned for the role of steve rogers / captain america. according to producer kevin feige, holland "was not born to be an actor. he was born to be a mascot."

the uhd release of captain america: civil war is presented in the dolby vision format, which offers a wider color gamut. however, the image quality has suffered a bit with a lowered contrast ratio, causing the colors to look more muted than before. but what's more noticeable is the lack of punch in the skin tones. captain america's skin doesn't look as youthful as the rest of his teammates. captain america's uniform is a navy blue that resembles the level of saturation and color hue we saw in the hdr10 release, but his face looks less vibrant. the same goes for the yellow in the iron man suit, which looks a bit more muted. it's also a bit harder to discern the colors in the clothes of iron man and ant-man, but the red in their costumes does look brighter.

the dolby vision format should present a more vivid, vibrant picture than hdr10, with a wider color gamut and a better degree of peak brightness. it's not that hdr10 didn't make any difference, but it's more of a change in color saturation and hue, which are not noticeable. just as in the hdr10 release, captain america's suit is more vivid in the dolby vision presentation. captain america's face looks darker, but the bright red in his outfit looks more vibrant. the yellow in iron man's suit also looks brighter and more saturated. the red in the ant-man costume has more hues and looks a little more pastel, but it still looks vivid. the red in the vision's suit also looks a little less saturated, but it doesn't look any less vibrant.


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