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Camilo Cruz La Vaca Para Jovenes Pdf 400

it was this independent stance from the parties, calls for the implementation of real socialism, refusal to participate in elections, and effective campaigns that would allow them to attract and unite the left. the historian leopoldo zea lira describes in his work la revolucin de 1910 as follows: in 1919, an immense uproar marked the centenary of the beginning of the mexicano socialist revolution. that year students from the united states began their efforts to gain independence for cuba. the [mexican] revolution was a natural reaction to this. it was the first social revolution to be carried out in contemporary times. it had its roots in the october revolution. the leaders who embodied this revolution were radicals who rejected participation in an electoral system dominated by the liberals and the republic party. for them, participation in the electoral system to the point of voting was an act of submission that contradicted their revolutionary principles. that revolution sought the simultaneous reorganization of society on the basis of individual land ownership and communal property, the re-equipment of society with productive forces, the elimination of public servants, and the beginning of relations between the state and the people based on an egalitarian contractualism. [806]

camilo cruz la vaca para jovenes pdf 400

on february 11, 1919, juventud comnnista anrquica, another tendency radicalized by groupuscular politics, launched a local newspaper, el libertario. its founders were tomas urrutia, daniel gross, and julian zozaya. they presented themselves as an alternative to bolshevism, and claimed that the workers should not rely on the government to do away with capitalism, but on their own efforts. faced with the disorganization of the socialist revolutionaries (sr) in mexico city and their assaults on the workers, the jcr decided to attempt to capture that city and soon afterwards form a network to defend the revolution. the jcr suffered many setbacks: their first attempt in the lomas de chapultepec area was a failure, while their strategy to infiltrate the socialist party, the largest party in mexico, led to a split within the group. [837]


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