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Sebastian Turner
Sebastian Turner

Airmagnet Planner Torrent

Depending on how large of an installation, you may need to consider predictive, passive and active surveys. And for a dense environment also consider designing for capacity versus only coverage: -planner/ Opens a new window

Airmagnet Planner Torrent

I use Ekahau site survey pro with planner to do both predictive design and site survey. I will soon have an Ekahau sidekick to use when I do my pre-deployment and post deployment (validation) surveys. For quick troubleshooting I have a Netscout Aircheck G2. In addition to this I have 1 of pretty much every model of our controller based APs set aside and converted to an autonomous mode AP to use for site survey work. The newer ones also work as a fairly decent resolution spectrum analyzer in a pinch if I don't have a dedicated spectrum analyzer on me. If you are on a budget and need a site survey tool and predictive design tool, take a look at tamosoft's tamograph site survey pro, it comes in under 1000 bucks if you know where to look for a discount code. I can't comment on how it compares to an Ekahau or an Airmagnet type product, but from this link Opens a new window Opens a new window gives a pretty good demo of what it is capable of. Netspot Opens a new window Opens a new window is a decent, albeit bare bones in comparison to the higher end tools, but can definitely get the job done.


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