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Buy Leather Pants

Franklin says her favorite thing about leather pants is that they are so versatile and can be easily dressed up or down. For an everyday look, she likes to pair leather pants with an oversized sweater and lug-soled boots.

buy leather pants


The best time to wear leather pants is in fall, winter, and early spring when the weather is temperate to cold. This is because leather tends to be heavy and warmer weather will make you want to wear something lighter. However, if you're in it for the fashion and do want to make a late spring or summer outfit out of your leather pants, you should know that leather is fairly breathable, that is, so long as it's not lined with a synthetic material.

Welcome to the Kendall Jenner support group, a safe space to admit that you, too, suffer from the compulsion to buy items simply because Kenny was seen wearing them. Except, these vegan leather pants from Cult Naked are actually totally worth the hype. Thanks, Kendall!

Our favorite season staple is here. Crafted from 100% leather, the Soho Leather Pants are a must-have wardrobe essential. This skinny style pant features a classic five pocket design with a waistband and belt hoops. Designed for a firm fit, the Soho Leather Pants elevates your ensemble by bringing effortless chic. The pants feature subtle seam detailing at the knee and finishes with a slightly cropped hemline.

Again, leather pants are extremely durable. They are also very hot, so plan your rides accordingly. Perforation helps somewhat. Since the vast majority of leather pants are for use on sporty motorcycles, they usually feature an aggressive pre-curve to help when riding in a tuck position. There are a few exceptions to this, primarily aimed at the cruiser market. Just be aware that sport-style leather pants are really designed for use on a limited range of motorcycles, and they may not be a good fit for other types of riding.

Designed for long days and big miles, the relaxed/touring fit is common among full textile pants. A pair of technical riding pants will often use the wider, straighter cut to fit liner systems. The pants go over top of the boots here.

Break up a leather tuxedo look with your fave top! Then, style with chunky gold accessories for a stand out look. They definitely won't miss ya in this fiery red pants and the equally fierce matching shacket.

If you're obsessed with glossy materials, then these patent leather pants are def calling your name. According to reviews, the shiny faux leather style is "phenomenal" IRL, and they'll fast become a wardrobe go-to. P.S. They're also available in the prettiest plum color!

Talk about a glowing review: people absolutely rave about this saucy, polished style. Don't take it from us, though. Just take a look at this gushing reviewer's take on these stunners: "These are the best leather pants ever! I've worn them to a few concerts. They keep me warm while not making me overheat in the LA weather. I'm usually a size 8 or 10 but these pants are surprisingly very stretchy and size 6 fits me perfect. Too long for the 5'3 girlies but you can get them tailored. Very good quality, worth the money. (PS: They don't make a squeaky sound when walking, and they don't smell like plastic.)"

Apparis is known for apparel that's reliably edgy and cool AF. Needless to say, these mid-rise pants are kinda a must-have, especially if you adore an elastic waistband (hello, comfort!) and crave neutral color options, as these come in black and cream in addition to this gorge cocoa shade.

The pant every babe needs in her wardrobe. The Vertigo Black Vegan Leather Pants feature a stunning stretchy yet flattering vegan faux leather fabric and a high-waisted fit. Style with your fave turtle neck and stilettos for a complete look!

Because I liked the reflective nature of the pants, I decided to match them with an equally-shiny trench by BLANK NYC, which has a (faux) snakeskin look. As an added bit of texture, I topped off the outfit with a croc-embossed messenger bag and these incredible Cult Gaia boots.

I went super matchy-matchy with the colors to keep this bold look feeling cohesive. The shoes and top are the exact same color, as are the bag and these Revolve x Camila Coelho pants. The bag and pants also match the leopard spots on the coat to tie everything together.

This outfit was one that I put together with some of my favorite pieces from the other looks I created. To me, the standout here is the leather-on-leather top and bottom combo, a bold choice that can be pretty hit or miss.

I mixed leather textures by incorporating this faux leather shacket (shackets are a huge trend, people!) for a bit of movement and play on volume, and paired the ensemble with tone-on-tone accessories. I picked clear heels because they helped lighten up the outfit a bit, especially since the pants fall past my ankles and I usually rock a cropped fit.

Burgundy is such a great color for winter, so this is a fab pair of leather pants that you can wear for any occasion. The hidden closure and ankle crop makes these look sleek for a day at the office or drinks with friends. Just remember to bring a mask for either event!

These just-under-$100 pants come in not only black and tan, but (drumroll please!) Barbie pink as well. If you like the relaxed trouser fit, you might as well buy all three shades and throw out your jeans for good.

These slick snaky pants are the perfect example of the punk Parisian crossover we're talking about. You can wear them with a studded leather jacket or a simple chic satin button-down depending on the vibe you're going for.

Sometimes you just have to go bold, especially if you're planning to hit a dark dance floor somewhere. And if you want your outfit to set you apart, we guarantee no one else on the dance floor will be wearing a pair of leather pants in this bright blue hue.

Unlike real leather, you can toss the leggings right into your washing machine for an easy cleaning. Spanx recommends turning the leggings inside out, so that the leather-like coating isn't exposed, before washing to help maintain the quality of the leggings.

The Spanx Faux-Leather Leggings live up to the claims. There are certainly plenty of dupes out there, but when it comes to quality, fit, and style, these leggings check all the boxes. They are comfortable, fit great and slim me down in all the right spots, and are a stylish alternative to regular leggings without looking like cheap, fake leather.

Leather clothing needs regular leather care and cleaning to keep it looking good. Whether it is a skirt, shirt, or pants, your leather items can suffer wear and tear each time you put them on. Cleaning to remove stains, odors and dirt is the first step. Conditioning to remove scratches and to provide moisture is the second step.

Leather Honey products help you care and restore leather. Our leather cleaner and conditioner are manufactured and hand bottled in the USA. Both can be used on your leather clothing (except suede items), plus leather jackets, wallets, belts, gloves, handbags, and boots & shoes. We offer free shipping anywhere in the US when you buy on our website or with Amazon!

Leather Honey leather cleaner works wonders for getting rid of grit, grime, and grease from your favorite leather clothing items. It's the perfect leather skirt cleaner and is a great cleaner for leather pants.

Before you wear your leather pants, make sure to condition them overnight so the conditioner had time to soak in. You can do this yourself by applying a thin, even coat over the leather. Conditioning leather on your own will save you money over sending it to a professional service!

When you are looking for a total leather care solution, you should consider one of our bundles so you can both clean and condition your leather. Our bundles are only sold through our website. They include our Leather Honey conditioner, Leather Honey cleaner, and 2 application cloths.

Leather Honey is a family business. We have been in operation since 1968 and have many satisfied customers. Buying our premium leather conditioner and cleaner (and using them regularly) can go a long way to improving the look and feel of your leather clothing.

The winter chill of the Holiday Season is the perfect time to gift your loved one a timless leather jacket. Featuring a mix of classic throwbacks and cutting edge pieces, perfectly suited to creating the perfect holiday look.

Information for California residents: visit wilsons leather privacy policy for details regarding the categories of personal information collected through this website and the business and commercial purpose(s) for which the information will be used.

All of our bottoms are true to size, usually no matter the style. We always advise to stick with your usual size when it comes to our pants, however, if you are between sizes we would to suggest to size up rather than down!

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In our online store you can choose from leather clothing in various leather colors and in various styles. From skinny to loose fit and from classic to modern: whatever your style, you will certainly succeed in the Zinga Leather online shop for an outfit that suits you. You can choose from:

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