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Can You Buy Aha Toro Tequila In The United States

Aha Toro Company Destilado Ole is one of the leading manufacturers of premium tequilas, not only in Mexico but throughout the world. Its products it manufactures 100% of the ripe fruit of blue agave grown in one of the states of Jalisco Mexican - Los Altos. It was here at an altitude of 2100 meters above sea level, to the best of arid climate and cool completely mature agave allow, buy a sweet taste and a special distinctive flavor. Used for the production of agave fruit, whose age is not less than 12 years. They, like a hundred years ago, is picked by hand and then transported to the factory in the tiny village of Jesus Maria in Jalisco. Here agave is cooked in a traditional brick ovens for a couple of not less than 36 hours, after which the sweet juice is fermented and triple distillation.In order to emphasize the uniqueness of the drink Tequila Aha Toro Añejo is contained in the original bottle handmade, each of which is decorated with brand logo that manually cast by Mexican masters of metal. Special attention deserves the symbol of the company - Bull Toro, after which tequila and got its name. It involves the whole legend that Thoreau every night, despite the time managed to penetrate the plant. Ordinary workers were afraid of him and thought it was the devil himself comes in the guise of a bull to feast on sweet fruits of the blue agave.Is proudly powered by Aha Toro Tequila Anejo that before to go on sale is aged in American oak barrels for at least 3 years, which gives her a beautiful amber color, complex, mellow taste and captivating aroma with notes of vanilla and oak. Aha Toro Tequila Anejo has been awarded top prizes at prestigious international competitions, and is recognized as one of the finest tequilas in the world.

can you buy aha toro tequila in the united states



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