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Shinyvideos Com Torrent

Every six hours 6780 Movies are ripped and uploaded in Torrent sites within the IP Addresses basing in India. The most used torrent sites by Netizens within the country are Mononova, ThePirateBay, KickAssTorrents and ISOHunt. India is only behind the US in accessing these websites and downloading material from them. However, India has the largest user base for a widely known Torrent aggregator website called Torrentz. Within all these websites, there is, however, one website, which in the past 8 years, has had a traffic attraction of more than any other website based out of India. The site in question was started in a shed in Nungambakkam and was initially named simply as MoviesFreeTo. Within 3 weeks the name was changed to something simple and locally relevant to remember. Tamil Rockers. This article is the story of Tamil Rockers, and takes a neutral dive in, into the world of Piracy in terms of Online Piracy, Movie Business and the mechanism involved, and Social Media propagation. After months of requesting and communicating, we finally got in contact with Bhaskar Kumar, who plays an integral part in the foundation and propagation of Tamil Rockers. Our conversations with him come below, and they are the views of the person involved. Our web platform does not claim to stand by or comment upon the happenings stated in this article.

Shinyvideos Com Torrent

Bhaskar, you mentioned something of a clash between you and other people in TamilRockers, yes? Could you elaborate on that? And more specifically what was your role in this torrent piracy site?

Sometimes, it also happens, that some movie producers, when they get a feedback that the movie is not very good, approach us to release a small clip onto online, either torrent or YouTube. It is very rare, but it did happen a couple of years back with a blockbuster Telugu movie. Initially, preview people were bored of it, but when we released an hour of the movie, through torrents, people became interested and made it a hit when it released a week later. These days, instead of movies, we are asked to release trailers beforehand to see how the response is. If it is good, then fine. If it is not good, they will change it and rerelease. You see, everything is very fragile. If someone gets an impression that the film is bad, because of the trailer, gone, the movie is gone.

When you say all this, it seems to me that you are a widespread network. Then how is it possible for you guys to stay under the radar for so long? Also, how do you make money out of movie torrents? Is it hit based or download based?

On September 10th, a coordinated scheme of luring admins of torrents site, TamilRockers to Coimbatore was orchestrated with the help of Bhaskar. Unfortunately, only one another admin turned up at Coimbatore. On September 12th, this admin was arrested on the charges of illegal production and distribution of unauthorized movie content under Indian Copyright (Protection) Act, 1957 as amended to include online piracy by 2012.

1. Indians are the fourth largest English movie torrents download group, constituting a share of 6.5% of all the downloaders. Also, India has the highest level of Broadband Piracy relative to the Broadband users. (Simply FUP theft)

5. The most downloaded English TV Show torrents in unsurprisingly Game Of Thrones with a huge 37.2% of total TV show downloads in India constituting it. It is followed, more noticeably by Friends (10.6%), How I Met Your Mother (7.8%), Two And A Half Men (6.5%), and Narcos (3.3%).

It would seem that we are at risk of having generations of young people that have formed identities in response to something that a technology platform prescribes to be the new normal. Behind the shiny videos, TikTok is leading people down dangerous paths and the issue with the app is that they are harvesting huge amounts of data illegally without the consent of children or their parents.

If you like what you see, lookout for the slightly more adult clips at Video Sales/Support - 18 U.S.C 2257 Record - Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement Any trial and/or membership will reoccur if not cancelled.


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